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We offer the complete spectrum of mirrors and vision systems for commercial vehicles.
With decades of experience, MEKRA Lang is the leading manufacturer of surround vision systems for the commercial vehicle market, encompassing all imaginable system variations.

Side-Vision Mirrors

300 Series AERO Mirror Kit

This Aero style mirror system is used across many markets... Truck, Bus, Agriculture, and Emergency vehicles.

300 Series West Coast Mirror Kit

This mirror is very versatile and used over a wide range of markets. It's sleek design and single point mounting allows it to add style, as welll as user friendly installation.

200 Series 429 Style

This durable mirror offers the viewing area needed by the driver, while providing an inexpensive option at the same time. The spacing between the mirror heads reduces the forward blind spot, allowing the driver to see behind the vehicle and beside it.

Look-Down Mirrors

412 Look Down Mirror

To assist the user in eliminating blind spots around the vehicle, this lightweight look down mirror is a useful option. Its sturdy design and stylish appearance combine to not only add to the appearance of the vehicle, but add safety as well.

Mirror Bracket

300 Series Mirror Bracket

The 407 mirror bracket was designed for flat door appllications. With its flat surface mounting, and polished stainless steel option, it not only serves as a stable mounting for the mirror heads, but adds style and enhancement to the vehicle.