VISION 4.0 – Better fuel economy due to improved aerodynamics as well as improved night vision

We provide the next generation of vision systems. A completely new HDR camera monitor system suitable for automotive applications improves the cost effectiveness of vehicles. Optimized aerodynamics result in significant reductions in fuel consumption and improved fuel efficiency. The system provides excellent ergonomics and decidedly improved night vision. It is significantly less susceptible to soiling and offers numerous additional functions, including automatic trailer tracking, manual field-of-vision settings and signal-controlled symbol displays (overlays).

Find out more about MEKRA Lang and the future of indirect vision in our trade show video.

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Trucks and Buses

The VISION 4.0 system was developed with clear goals in mind. It replaces the traditional main mirror and creates significant added value for vehicle operators and drivers. Additionally, its very compact design helps to reduce the vehicle’s front surface.


We are unlocking the potential of the digital world to assist the driver through ergonomic solutions.


Variable Views

The required fields of vision can be presented to the driver in the traditional configuration or merged as panoramic view.
mirror replacement

Trailer Tracking

Automatic tracking keeps the driver in control on curvy roads.

Digital Assistance

Overlays provide the driver with additional assistance when changing lanes or performing docking maneuvers.

Hybrid Solution

For markets in which a full substitution of the main mirror is not yet permissible, we are able to offer a special hybrid solution.


We have supplied our customers with mirror substitution systems for close-proximity applications for many years. Our analog systems meet all applicable legal requirements and can be installed as mirror substitutes. Our platform camera can be used as mirror substitute as well.

Depending on where the camera and the monitor are installed, various solutions can be implemented.


Combined fields of vision

Class V and VI in one view, attachment to A pillar

Roof mirror substitute

Field-of-vision class V (passenger’s side)

Front mirror substitute

Field-of-vision class VI (front)

Agricultural Machines and Construction Equipment

VISION 4.0 has clear objectives. This new system replaces the traditional main mirror and creates significant added value for vehicle operators and drivers alike.
Agricultural machines and construction equipment are constantly increasing in power and size. It takes excellent indirect vision to be able to keep an eye on everything, safely operate the vehicle, and prevent damage. This is what VISION 4.0 systems bring to the table when used with agricultural machines and construction equipment.
Combined with our platform camera, they ensure all-around vision and provide assistance with driving maneuvers.
Please contact us and let us work out the perfect solution for you.